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"Excellence is not just a goal;

it's a journey of doing good work, embracing challenges, and continually learning along the way."


The Digital District focus studio is a supervised undergraduate research project, in partnership with Noble Arc Design, built upon the prior learning of systems, materials, and building performance and is focused on the creation of an urban campus dedicated to the development and integration of innovative technologies on a Savannah lot.


The studio is created to be a research hub to set out to collaboratively develop a Savannah lot into a Digital District with a program including an Auditorium, Amphitheater, Offices, Research and Development Workshops, Residential Living, and Community Center, and, in partnership with Curiosity Labs, integrate smart systems including but not limited to infrastructure, circulation, 
building performance, drone research, and autonomous logistics all connected by 5G wireless communication.


The expectations for the studio are backed by the experiences and lessons from the environmental technology, integrated systems, urban design, high performance building to play into the research and analyze the respond of integrating the smart systems in the entire site and all its components. 

This research studio demonstrates its findings through presentations, showcasing the processes, sketches, drawings, sections, and digital/physical model. The complexities, design thought, and impacts of the spatial qualities, urban qualities, and technologies will be discussed with a panel of experts in diverse discipline at the final exhibition.



The studio places a strong emphasis on community engagement. Situated near a location steeped in history, renowned as America's inaugural planned city, it's clear that the Digital District cannot rival the historical richness of Oglethorpe's design. Oglethorpe's vision incorporated the charm of streets entwined with inviting public squares and parks, which acted as hubs for town gatherings and business activities. However, the Digital District, while acknowledging this legacy, seeks to contemporarily adapt these foundational concepts and infuse them into the fabric of the district, thus transforming this waterfront site into a modern embodiment



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