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 A strong emphasis on creating the vision based on the specifications of the client.


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We believe in rethinking design and its sustainability commitment, in the most pragmatic and cost-effective way possible. 


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Developing a standard of expertise in leading initial conceptual designs and becoming a motivated workforce in focusing on our clients satisfaction is a win-win for all.




Ghazaleh Coulter embodies a deep commitment to design and architecture, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth, a passion for sharing design knowledge, and a profound fascination with nature, art, and design. With a diverse background, Ghazaleh brings a wealth of experience to her work. Her expertise spans various design sectors, including aviation, federal building projects, and higher education buildings such as laboratories. She has also made significant contributions to residential and commercial design, including restaurants, churches, and community centers, enriching businesses and fostering community development.


Ghazaleh's expertise extends to urban development, particularly in crowded cities, where her skills have made a notable impact. She takes pride in collaborating with people in towns and cities to create enhanced designs that elevate the built environment. With a Master's degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Ghazaleh established Noble Arc Design in 2002. The company has gained a reputation for its imaginative design approach and comprehensive architectural solutions across various projects.


Beyond her architectural pursuits, Ghazaleh's multidisciplinary background is evident. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, which she skillfully combines with her architectural knowledge in her research endeavors. As a Professor of Architecture at Kennesaw State University, she leads research in bio-inspired materials and is actively organizing a bio-inspired materials laboratory focused on sustainable material innovation. Ghazaleh's dedication to merging biology and architecture showcases her commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative solutions.


Ghazaleh Coulter's visionary leadership and extensive expertise have shaped Noble Arc Design into a distinguished firm that continually strives for design excellence and meaningful contributions to the field of architecture.

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Ghazaleh Coulter

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